Discography - 7 inch Vinyl

The Heat Steve Hooker Band
FranceIf You Don't Do The Business,
Rock 'n' Roll Doctor/ I'm Hooked, Marionette.

EP. all written by Steve.
Take Away Records Take 1 (1977)
(EP recorded at Spectrum Studio Westcliff in 7 hours.
Total cost to release EP was £750)
FranceKeep Dancing
(co-written with Paul Shuttleworth)/
How Did You Know (Hooker).
Wax Records Ear 3 (1979) Paul Shuttleworth also produced the single.
"Inspiration: The New York Dolls, Keith, Stax/Volt, Tamla Motown with a nod to Wilko and Nick Kent".
The Shakers The Shakers
FrancePrisoner Of Love/Poison
(both titles Hooker).
Produced by Pete Zeer.
Rambert Records.
Ram 4 (1983).
FranceTemptation Walk/Catch On (both Hooker),
R.E.S.P.E.C.T. (Otis Redding). Produced by Wilko Johnson
("with no instrumental overdubs')
Waterfront WFS 3 (1983).
The Shakers The County Line
FranceNothing But Talk (short version)/Nothing But Talk (long) (Hooker).
Produced by Steve & Mickey
Jupp. Promo only. Lolita 1003 (1984).
FranceEssex Artists For Children In Need. Steve-guitars and crowd vocals on 'Heroes'.
Also features Paul Shuttleworth, Warren Kennedy, Suzi Quatro etc, etc. BBC Records. RESL 185 (1986).
Steve Hooker & Wilko Johnson Steve Hooker Band
FranceIt's All Over Now/I Want To Talk To You (Johnson/Hooker).
Arela Records ARE 002 (1988).
GermanySouthern Accent (Hooker).
1 track on flexi free with Hartbeat! mag. #13 (1991).
Steve Hooker Steve Hooker
FranceSouthchurch EP.
Motorcycle Ditch, Torture/Wild Heroine, (She Talks In A) Southern Accent. (Hooker)
Some of the tracks were recorded at 'Toe Rag''. Also features Russell Strutter & Lynder Boorer. NV Records NV EP 2 (1992).
GermanyNeedle In A Haystack
(New Song)
1 track on vinyl 7"
free with Hartbeat! #16 (1993).
Wilko featured on backing vocals.
Steve Hooker Rumble Steve Hooker and the ST's
United KingdomRocky Road Blues.
(Bill Monroe)
1 track on NV Records NV R&B EP6 (1996). Also features Wilko and Boz & B Men tracks.
JapanAlligator Boogie/
Motorcycle Ditch
Thousands Records 1000 EP-006 (2001).
Steve Hooker and the ST's Steve Hooker
GermanyBeatle Your Rollin' Stone Hair. (Hooker)
Free with Dynamite Vol. 8 #28 (2001). Dedicated to Jake the Barber!
GermanySugar Devil / 40 Dollar Picture In A Priceless Golden Frame (with Boz) / Stagger Lee Is Back (Hooker)
Witchcraft International WCI 102 2009
Steve Hooker Steve Hooker
GermanyOtis Lift Me / Toots Shuffle.
Pimphouse Records
Pimphouse Single 1 2014
United KingdomThe Old Testament Of Love / Tighten It.
Pimphouse Records
Pimphouse Single 2 2021
United KingdomSadie Brown / Tightrope.
Pimphouse Records
Pimphouse Single 3 2022