"Long Distance Information"
Fred Rothwell

Complete Chuck Berry sessions, releases, tv and film, cover versions.
Name checks Steve Hooker Rumble "13 Question Method" (In English)
ISBN 0-951-9888-2-4       2001

"77 The Year of Punk & New Wave"
Henrik Beck Poulsen

Does what it says, includes opaque but complete Hooker overview with scans
of The Heat EP, press cuttings and details of releases up to 2002 (In English)
ISBN 1-900924-92-7       2005

"From Roxette To Ramona"
Roland Jost / Teppo Nattilda / Rauno Makinen

Comprehensive history of Dr Feegood and Wilko Johnson.
Includes deadpan interview cameos and anecdotes from The Hook
with cover scans of both German and French versions of
"It's All Over Now". (In English).
ISBN 3-033-00460-1       2005

"V8 Boogie"
Axel Bienert

Quality art photograph book of hot rod, motorcycle and rock 'n' roll.
Includes Waldorf / Holiday Inn pic from 2001. (In English and German).
ISBN 3-929670-35-6      2005

"The Roxy London WC2"
Paul Marko

A punk history - including an account of the ill - starred
performance by The Heat in 1978. (In English).
ISBN 13: 987 0 9556583 0 3    2007

"Shakeout Volume One"
Gordon Eightball

Shakeout Volume One

Images of UK Rockabilly. Includes live pic from The 100 Club (In English)
No ISBN    2010

"Gaz's Rockin' Blues : The First 30 Years"
Gaz Mayall

Gaz's Rockin' Blues : The First 30 Years - Gaz Mayall

Images of UK Rockabilly. Includes live pic from The 100 Club
Gig archive includes Rumble, ST's and Rockin' Trio Flyers. (In English).
ISBN 9781907112157    2010

"Shot Of Rhythm and Blues"
Patrick Higgins

Shot Of Rhythm and Blues - Patrick Higgins

Includes images of "Southend Rock" album and "It's all over Now" 12"
ISBN 978-2-9547869-0-2    2014

"The Bag I'm In"
Sam Knee

The Bag I'm In - Underground Music and Fashion in Britain

Underground Music and Fashion in Britain 1960 - 1990 contains 1978 photo. (In English)
ISBN-10:1908714263  ISBN-13:978-1908714268      2015

"Hole In My Pocket"
Mike Wade

Hole In My Pocket - The True Legend of Mickey Jupp

The True Legend of Mickey Jupp the rock 'n' roll genius who declined to be a star.
With several anecdotes. (In English)
ISBN-10: 1506088031  ISBN-13: 1506088037      2015

"Looking For Johnny"
Danny Garcia

Looking For Johnny Book

Based on the documentary film of the dangerous life of New York Dolls
and Heartbreakers Guitarist Johnny Thunders with interview cameo. (In English)
ISBN:9781940213033      2018

"Paulette Pub Rock"
Syne Tonetta

Paulette Pub Rock book

History of the famous French venue
includes the Shakers with 1983 photo
and concert archive with later shows (in French)
ISBN: 9782378481377

"Nancy L' Experience Musique"
Syned Tonetta

Nancy L' Experience Musique - Syned Tonetta

Includes a 2018 concert listing (in French)
ISBN 9782378482794    2021

"L' Homme En Noir"
Patrick Higgins

L' Homme En Noir - Patrick Higgins

Includes a 1977 tour advert and 1978 promo photo
(No ISBN)    2022