The Rockabillyblues and Soul Man : Steve Hooker

Stripped Down Stompin' Band

CD albums

Boz Boorer The Pretty Things 'n' Mates
France"between the polecats"
guitar on "red ready amber". also released on vinyl and re-released on Raucous Records
nv records nvcd5 1992
France "A Whiter Shade of Dirty Water"
with Matthew Fisher and Inmates,
guitar on "Pushin' Too Hard".
Kingdom Records CDKVL 9031
Steve Hooker Rumble Various Artists
Germany"loco rumble"
13 rough and rockin' tracks
Vampirella Records
mcg 1020032-2 1998
Germany"kings of the rockabilly guitar"
exclusive tracks "teenage partner", "rebels lane"
Vampirella Records
mcg 1020042-2 1999
Steve Hooker Steve Hooker
Germany"boogie chal"
12 tracks inc. shakers, bozmen, steve and wilko, rumble and soundtrack rarities
Vampirella Records mcg 1020064-2 2000

Germany"don't try to understand 'em"
6 track mini cd with polecats, inmates and matchbox members
Crazy Love Records clmcd 64131 2001
(Re - issused with improved booklet 2012)

Steve Hooker Steve Hooker &
and Wilko Johnson
Japan "Boptown"
10 tracks from the
rockabillyblues and soulman.
on the hill records OTHRCD-014
Germany"Back in The Day"
includes "It's All Over Now" and 4 more from the vaults. 1000's Records 1000MCD 101 2005
Boz & the Bozmen Steve Hooker
France"Dress in Deadmens Suits"
Boz's fave album from 1988
on cd with bonus tracks
Raucous Records RAUCD 186 2006
France"Stagger Lee
is back "

8 tracks - all killer no filler!
NV Records NVCD21 2006
Steve Hooker Steve Hooker Shakers
UK "Punk Rock 'n' Roll (The Boots That Time Forgot)"
singles and rare tracks 1977 - 1979
limited edition promo SH003 2007
France"Really Gone - Remastered"
album tracks and more 1982 - 1984
limited edition promo SH004 2008
Boz Boorer Steve Hooker

France"Miss Pearl"
includes "Dollar Short" Boz style and alternate
"In The Witchin' Hour"
Vibrant records VIBECD 006 2008
re - released with bonus tracks (Japan)
Jappin' & Rockin' JRCD53 2010
also re - released as a double CD (UK)
with the "My Wild Life"album
Floating Records FLOATD5072 2010 

germany"Before The Rooster Crows "
14 tracks with Boz Boorer
Levi Dexter and Wilko Johnson.
HKM Records HKM 42731 2010
SHiNE EYE Levi Dexter & Steve Hooker
UK"Mocking Bird"
2 tracks soul chanteuse vocal
and bottleneck instrumental
limited edition promo SH006 2011
Japan"Rockabilly Dolls"
9 tracks rockabilly and NYC punk
gunfighter ballad and bottleneck instrumental
1000's Records 1000CD - 028 2011
Steve Hooker Shakers Steve Hooker
UK"In The Land Of
1000 Dances"

12", album and compilation tracks
1985 - 1986
Limited Edition promo SH007 2012
UK"Wicked Blues (New Version)"
Limited Edition promo SH010 2012
Germany"Smokin' Guitar"
8 smokin' new tracks
Pimphouse Records PIMPHOUSE CD1 2013
UKSteve Hooker
"Rock 'n' Roll Mercenary And Bounty Hunter - Southchurch Style"
With Boz Boorer, Dick Taylor, Wilko Johnson 1988 - 1995
Limited Edition Promo SH011 2013
UK "Blue Rumble"
10" Album and rare tracks 1995 - 1997
Limited Edition Promo SH012 2013
UK"No More no Less! The Best Of The Rest from The Vaults"
With Captain Drugbuster and more 1997 - 2004
Limited Edition Promo SH013 2013
7 New Tracks and Re Mixes
Stripped Down Stompin' Band
6 new tracks
Stagger Lee is back CD - Steve Hooker Steve Hooker - Smokin Guitar